Founded in 2003, skyMedia, LLC, owner of, and its members have played a core role in a number of national securities class action settlements. skyMedia has been providing the technology, security and discovery foundation for numerous law firms in the class action business for many years, while its members, through their law firm, have been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in securities class action settlement recoveries.

The leader in securities class action
claims filings.

With ClaimsFiler, a first of its kind service focused on the retail investor, shareholders can now receive, FOR FREE, the same portfolio monitoring that institutional investors receive. When there is a class action settlement or catastrophic stock decline ClaimsFiler alerts you. Never miss out on your share of the billions of dollars in class action recoveries available each year. The process is a simple one from your perspective – simply be sure to upload your historical transactional information using our upload tools, and periodically upload new transactions so ClaimsFiler has the latest and most accurate information.