Securities Class Action Suit Settlement Claims

skyMedia's member class action lawyers have been litigating securities class action cases for over 20 years. During that time, they noticed that the majority of retail investors fail to receive their fair share of settlements. Unlike institutional investors who hire portfolio monitoring services to check if money is available for every stock they ever traded, retail investors must jump through numerous hoops to gather the necessary data required to complete claim forms in securities class action settlements. skyMedia and its members sought to create a simpler process for retail investors, and that solution is ClaimsFiler.

ClaimsFiler has a single mission to serve as the information source to help retail investors recover money from securities class action settlements. Each year, funds from hundreds of securities class action settlements are disbursed to eligible shareholders. Settlements funds total in the billions of dollars. Tracking and closely monitoring the status of each securities class action case takes dedicated resources and expertise which retail investors do not have. ClaimsFiler's team of experts monitor the securities class action landscape. We cull information from a variety of sources to ensure comprehensive coverage across a broad range of financial instruments.

The firm's principals come from a variety of backgrounds, that together, make ClaimsFiler the leading source for class action claims information. Our experienced team has developed strong relationships across the industry that we leverage to provide the best possible service to our members.