EQT Corporation Securities Litigation (2021)

Filing Deadline: August 14, 2021

If you purchased a significant amount of shares of EQT Corporation Common Stock (NYSE: EQT), you have certain options. Investors should contact us before August 14, 2021.


Lawsuit Overview

Defendant:EQT Corporation Common Stock
Date Filed:June 15th, 2021
Industry:Oil & Gas Production
Class Start Date:June 19th, 2017
Class End Date:June 17th, 2019

According to the complaint, EQT deliberately misled Plaintiffs about what they could accomplish with their expanded acreage.  Thus, Defendants represented that the Acquisition would allow them to increase the number of wells with long well bores—in particular, that they could drill 1,200 wells each with 12,000 feet of  horizontal  length—when  they  knew  that  the  newly  combined  property  was  not  capable  of  sustaining such a drilling program. Defendants also misstated the extent of what their cost savings would be, asserting that the efficiencies of the Acquisition would enable them to achieve “base” synergies of $2.5 billion, with total synergies reaching $7.5 billion, while no such savings were remotely achievable given EQT’s high-cost operations.

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First Identified Complaint

Scopia Windmill Fund LP, et al. v. EQT Corporation, et al.

Date Filed:June 15th, 2021
Class Period Start:June 19th, 2017
Class Period End:June 17th, 2019
First Identified Complaint Filings
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