Boingo Wireless, Inc. Securities Litigation

Filing Deadline: July 27, 2021

If you purchased a significant amount of shares of Boingo Wireless Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ: WIFI), you have certain options. Investors should contact us before July 27, 2021.


Lawsuit Overview

Defendant:Boingo Wireless Inc. Common Stock
Date Filed:April 28th, 2021
Sector:Consumer Services
Industry:Telecommunications Equipment
Class Start Date:March 1st, 2021
Class End Date:April 28th, 2021

The Complaint alleges that on April 28, 2021, in order to convince Boingo shareholders to vote in favor of the Proposed Merger, Defendants authorized the filing of a materially incomplete and misleading definitive proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In particular, the Complaint alleges that the Proxy contains materially incomplete and misleading information concerning: (i) financial projections for Boingo; (ii) the valuation analyses performed by Boingo’s financial advisor in support of its fairness opinion; and (iii) the background of the Proposed Merger.

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First Identified Complaint

David Normand, et al. v. Boingo Wireless, Inc., et al.

Date Filed:April 28th, 2021
Class Period Start:March 1st, 2021
Class Period End:April 28th, 2021
First Identified Complaint Filings
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